Using hypnosis to heal sexual addiction

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Hypnosis is a very relaxing and soothing way to deal with all sorts of human issues. Our specialty is with working with individuals with obsessive compulsive behaviors such as sexual addictioneating disorderssubstance abuse drug and alcohol and helping people to quit smoking. We also provide services for some medical conditions.

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I have been working with this population for more than twenty years, both from a place of getting people into treatment as well as helping them apply the lessons learned to the tasks of forming a new and better life. The challenge is to live life without the substances that they depended on while these were destroying them. I know the Twelve Step model and can talk their new-found recovery language and help them with the Steps.

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Do you keep promising yourself that you'll change, only to fall back into old compulsions once more? Even if you know, rationally, that your excessive sexual activity is creating problems in your life, it's the impulsive part of your mind that disregards these consequences. You end up chasing something that is ultimately unfulfilling, as you repeat an endless cycle of regret, and end up feeling ashamed and guilty.

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Clinical Sexologist Dr. Stan Hyman re-joins the podcast to discuss how he uses hypnosis to help sex addiction and couples who are struggling. Hyman is a Board Certified Clinical Sexologist with an extensive knowledge of human sexuality.

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Addictions are typically considered hard-betrayals within the context of a committed relationships; they are deal-breakers. It is not uncommon that relationships find an ending when the pain from the betrayal is unbearable or that there is no hope for recovery. Yet crises of this magnitude often signal an opportunity for change.

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Hypnosis for sex addiction can be very effective in curbing the behavior and habit of the addict. Like any addiction, the methods used are to bypass the conscious mind and to implant reprogramming by way of suggestions into the the subconscious. Using a trance or induction, the hypnotist is able to provide embedded suggestions and commands that can rectify the behavior displayed with someone suffering from sex addiction.

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Sex can be a beautiful and enjoyable experience, but for some people it can also be an addiction. Anytime we seek out pleasure regardless of the negative consequences it may bring, addiction is in play. Just like a drug, sex releases pleasure chemicals in our brain.

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Hypnotic trance, however, is really nothing out of the ordinary; it is a naturalistic experience that occurs routinely in daily life: daydreaming, fantasizing, driving a car, or watching T. Almost everyone can be hypnotized. Hypnosis happens when a person allows it to happen.

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Sex addiction is prevalent. This includes up to 24 million people. Viable treatment options need to be promoted and further developed. Here are several to consider, under five categories.


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