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Potty training your toddler can be very exciting—for both parents and kids. Toddlerhood is an age of tremendous emotional and psychological growth for your child—and potty training encompasses many of the issues that toddlers are sorting out: independence, self-regulation mastery of his or her body and social awareness. The pressure can have negative long-term physical and emotional implications on your child, such as stool withholding, chronic constipation, anxiety with toileting, control battles and self-esteem issues.

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She knows a lot about coral reefs in our oceans. Coral reefs look like a ridge made of rock, but they are actually made up of living things. Corals need a few things to survive.

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Mark Your Territory is an app that combines the human way of claiming spaces Foursquare with the animal way of claiming spaces urine. Mark Your Territory lets individuals check-in to Foursquare by physically urinating yes, taking a piss at the actual location. Pink colored markers made of paper are attached to the walls of a location or pinned into the ground, and connected to Foursquare.

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Your Shih Tzu, Luna is a breath of fresh air in your usually noisy household. Regardless of whether there is an argument, Luna brings you all together. But guests see the best side of Luna.

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Although CartmanStanKyle and Kenny wrote The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballsin an effort to write a truly vulgar book worthy of being banned by parents and schools, the boys were afraid of being punished for their work and instead claimed it had been written by Butters. Despite the fact the book was written as nothing more that vulgarity for the sake of being vulgar, readers seem to over-analyze the book, claiming that it has deeper meaning than the boys intended. The book's disturbing subject matter however still causes the reader to vomit before even getting past the first sentence of the first paragraph of the first chapter.

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Ever wonder why dogs roam around and around in circles and struggle to find just the right place to pop a squat? And you are not going to believe this! There seems to be a scientific reason.

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She has received funding from Hunter Medical Research Institute. She is a member of the Nutrition Society of Australia. She is affiliated with the Priority Research Centre in Physical Activity and Nutrition at the University of Newcastle and a member of professional organisations including the Dietitians Association of Australia.

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Pob Pee Fa is the story of a princess who is turned into an ogress Pee Fah after eating the past generations of Pee Fah nectar that caused by unrequited love. She starts hunting for raw intestines and fresh blood, which revolved for several generations with her love enemies. Several of the actors in Pob Pee Fa were involved in incidents during filming.

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If you're playing that new Scum game on Steam, you probably have been confronted by a sudden need for your character to pee, or poop, or vomit. It sounds silly, but the way that Scum intricately simulates digestive processes to create the most gastrointestinally detailed survival simulation ever means that eating and drinking naturally lead to, well, a call from nature. Refusing to answer that call will leave you in quite a bind.

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You already know that someone of course not you is peeing in the local community pool, but just how much urine can be found in there? Researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada conducted a study to determine the average amount of urine in community pools, and the answer is you don't want to know. The researchers tested two different-sized public pools over the course of three works for an artificial sweetener called acesulfame potassium ACE. The sweetener is widely consumed and makes for "an ideal urinary marker" because it can be detected in varying bodies of water with different pH levels and temperatures, according to the study.


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