Striped skunk habitat

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Skunks are small, furry animals with black and white stripes. Some skunks are striped, and some are spotted or have swirl patterns on their fur. No matter the pattern, the black-and-white coloring is a warning sign to anyone who may harm this small creature.

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The striped skunk has a thin white stripe at the nose that splits into a V shape as it goes down the back. Baby striped skunks are blind and deaf at birth. They don't open their eyes until they are three weeks old.

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This animal. The striped skunk Mephitis mephitis is about the size of a cat, but has a stout body, a rather small head, short legs, and a bushy tail. Its small head fits conveniently, but sometimes too snugly, into enticing open jars. The thick, glossy fur is black, with a thin white stripe down the centre of the face and a broad white stripe beginning on the back of the head, forking at the shoulders and continuing as a white stripe along each side of the back to the base of the tail.

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Description : Weighing up to 4kg 8. As they age, the white stripe on many skunks turns yellowish and some striped skunks also have white patches on their legs or interruptions in their white stripe. Distribution and Habitat : Striped skunks are the most common skunk in North America.

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Mephitis mephitisthe striped skunk, is a medium sized mustelid that is widespread and increasing distribution across its native range in Southern Canada, USA and Mexico. As a habitat generalist, the species c As a habitat generalist, the species can spread to a wide range of habitats and due to its winter denning behaviours, may remain undetected for long time periods.

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The the striped skunk in Tennessee is the most commone and it occurs state-wide. They are slightly larger and their scent is not as strong as the Eastern Spotted Skunk's. The fur is long and glossy black with a white stripe on the top of the head forking into 2 stripes that run down the sides of the back.

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The striped skunk is about the same size as a house cat. It has a small triangular head and little ears. Its legs are short with webbed toes and claws the striped skunk uses for digging and looking for food.

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Striped skunks are the biggest of the skunk species. They are easily identifiable by the white stripe running from head to tail and each individual has a unique pattern of stripes. Skunks are intelligent and usually good natured.


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